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Airstream Dreams

We’ve been doing a lot of evaluating and re-evaluating where we are right now, and in spite of all the navel gazing life continues to move forward. Our overarching DESIRE is to buy land, but that still appears to be a ways off. Our position continues to improve, with steady employment, vehicle repairs and debt reduction, along with a tiny amount of savings. We’ve also been addressing our need to be DOERS of the word, rather than just HEARERS by taking opportunities to help others as the moments appear. We’ve “blessed” a lot of people with tomatoes this year, for sure!

An interesting opportunity has arisen that we are mulling over. A gentleman of our acquaintance has an aging Airstream that is in dire need of restoration. I have long desired to have a silvery Airstream to slip through the various lovely campgrounds of OR, and we’ve been negotiating with the gentleman. It’s a 1977 Airstream Sovereign International Land Yacht, 31’, with a center bathroom.

It’s ours if we want it, and at a very reasonable, low price. There’s always a “however” attached to anything we ever do, though. Here’s our list of “however”:

1.       No title. This poor gem has been rusting away at the storage for 10 years. The gentleman we know bought it 10 years ago and never titled it. The man he purchased it from bought it from the original owner and alas, also never titled it. The pink has been lost for some time. There are a couple of ways we can go about recapturing the title, all mostly gory and expensive. DJ is going to talk to the DMV tomorrow about winkling out the fastest and least expensive way to get the pink and register it. This will help us decide if we want to actually move forward.

2.       The poor thing is filthy. It’s full of junk and garbage, has wasp nests, it’s got moss growing on it, and the beds and couches were removed, lost to the mists of time.  It needs to be polished, and DJ estimates 250 hours of work for that part alone, in terms of man-hours.

3.       It also needs muy repairs. It needs tires, professional brake work from sitting for so long, the belly pan dropped and the insulation pulled, the frame painted and strengthened from underneath, some wiring repairs, a dent pulled, the heater and water heater replaced, and probably the Dometic fridge as well. It also needs new house batteries.

Most of this will not cost a lot of money, just time. And I’m not the one who would have to do the restoration work. So I have deferred the decision to DJ, the sensible member of our duo. Since he’s the one that will provide the labor, the decision is his.

Oh, and we don’t have a truck to pull it, but that’s another story 


Dreaming of hot springs again…

You have no idea how much I long to go for a day trip, to hop in the ‘Hoe and go for a ride.
Preferably to a local hot spring. My heart almost hurts with the longing!
Nothing is ever as good as one remembers, however. Alas.

The hot spring travel song we would blast on our way to Hwy 395 is posted above. [youtube id=8D6pPgwafq0]

Here’s an article by the Oregonian taunting me *heavy sigh*
Oregon Hot Springs


Dreaming of hot springs again

I really really really want to get away and go soak for a while. Here are some pics:

Me in the Travertine Hot Springs at Bridgeport

travertine3 me

Ari and Shelly at another part of the Travertine:

Shelly and Arielle in the Travertine


This is Hot Creek, with Shelly and Ari in good hot water:

shelly-ari hot creek

This is outside Keough Hot Springs in Bishop

wild keough
wild keough

Here are a couple of pics inside Keough Hot Springs itself:




More stuff non-food blog related.

I drank too much, ate too much, did not exercise. I feel like I am following the “No S” diet; no sweets, snacks or seconds except for days that start with”S”, only worse 😉

We did the weigh in: I am up 2 pounds, lol. Need to try a little harder. I am adding 2 tbs of coconut oil to morning and afternoon, at 10 and 2 pm.

For weekend food we had obscenely good BBQ grilling; ribs and chicken and salads and loads of fresh fruit 😉

I will be gone the next two days to Tahoe for a work trip and the daughter’s birthday; she turns 21~

Back up and running

Sorry to be gone so long; I have been busy trying to recover from the drunken stupor that was my Tahoe WEEKEND;)  A good time was had by all; my daughter turn 20, my niece 22 and my friend 30 (they are all BABIES!)  The kid and niece got tattoos, we drank a boat-load of Sam Adams beer and ate until we burst (can I say 10 pounds?!?! In ONE weekend?!? lol!)

First off, Sam Adams beer rocks.  New find: cherry wheat.  This stuff is superiorly smooth and really tastes like cherries!  The pale ale and summer ale were also excellent.  I think I shall be drinking my way through the Sam Adams collection this summer 😉

Second: the carnitas were a HUUUGE hit. Gods bless the Homesick Texan for her recipe. I have made a lot of carnitas before, but the recipe that she gives is the best I ever came across.  Watch those cooking temps, tho: I nearly scorched the whole thing cooking on an electric stove.  My “highest” compliment: one gal exclaimed “It was like real taco truck food!”  The rice was great too.  Big secret here: wash the rice before cooking, and fry it in oil until brown.  Makes a huge difference in the Mexican rice taste.

We also did my Fettuccini, and in spite of missing an ingredient or two, was well received amongst the hungry and drunk women.

And Tahoe: spectacularly gorgeous.  Our condo overlooked the lake and the mountains.  There were trees! Sigh.

9 Crazy Women in a Beach-front Condo

Well, folks, I will be gone for the next couple of days to a beach-front condo at Lake Tahoe, celebrating the birthdays of my friend, my daughter and my niece.  It will be a weekend of drunken debauchery and will be blessed by copious amounts of good food and beer.  I am the primary cook for the trip (shock shock) and will try and get a couple of canned posts lined up through Saturday to talk about the menus, etc.  We are having Tex-Mex one night (oh, sweet sweet juicy carnitas, my love, my light…I will be cramming it in with both fists, I tell ya.) with carnitas, bean, rice, these nifty uncooked tortillas we picked up this week at Costco, cortido, and good beer; one night will be Italiano of sorts with a Fettuccini Alfredo that uses TWO ENTIRE STICKS OF BUTTER and A PINT OF HEAVY CREAM, lol, along with chicken and veg, and one night is old fashioned BBQ of hamburgers, sausages, and fresh salads of one variety or another, all washed down with 6 different kinds of Sam Adams beer 😉  Man, o Man, this is gonna be good!

Rain In The Summertime

I am dreaming of hot springs today. It is chilly here in Sonora in the AM, but not cold (100 degrees during the day).  The destination that I am longing to jump in my Jeep and drive off to is Benton Hot Springs. It’s a quiet, unassuming place at the end of Hwy 120. The drive there is to die for! My favorite way to go is over Tioga Pass through Yosemite, which cuts the drive down to about 3.5 hours for me. After driving through one of the most beautiful (but severely overpopulated tourist-wise) places in America (Yosemite) , the road ends up on Hwy 395, another breathtaking and somewhat desolate stretch of highway that varies between Nevada-like desert and high windswept passes. After a brief sojourn around Mono Lake Highway 10 splits off from 395 and that’s where the real fun begins.
It’s about 50 miles to Benton Hot Springs from the split, and the road is my very favorite. As you go through winding highway, the scenery changes completely. First, stunning old Red Pine forests, with gravel-like rock that makes the forest look like it’s been paved; eerie but still beautiful. Next up: rock formations from old lava flows, piled up alongside the road in strange drips and lumps. After that, desert and sagebrush, with cattle browsing around small man-made lakes out in the honest-to-god nowhere. I like to crank up my favorite “I’m going to the hot springs song”: Rain in the Summertime by The Alarm, an old 80’s tune that was meant to travel by. The road has severe dips that when driven at 60-plus MPH launches the car into space briefly, leaving one weightless and giddy. Finally, after all of the twists and turns, you pull into the bowl-like valley that drops into Benton Hot Springs, which is a sleepy little resort on the edge of a reservation. It’s a great place to camp, with individual tubs you can fill with hot spring water. There’s also a B and B there that I intend to stay at on a trip. I can barely restrain myself from grabbing my gear and taking off! Next week, my precious! Soon I will take real vacation time. Then I will be off!

[youtube id=8D6pPgwafq0]