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I Been Stimulated!

Stimulated, I tell ya!  By both the timely stimulus check from Unka Sam and by Tony Bourdain in Colombia tonight.  I just love that man.  I had a nice Honey Moon beer from Belgium Brewery while watching the show.  I swear the man smokes so much that he makes ME wanna smoke while the show is on and I don’t smoke!  I also saw the Colombian version of chiccarones tonight and was going to attempt to emulate it with thick bacon and my Fry-Daddy but alas, I could not find the cord for the wee bugger.  Never have teenage children.  (Although my teens are rolling into twenty-somethings this weekend. **sigh**)

My stimulus check was well spent on a new 23 Qt. pressure canner, a food-sucka-ma-jigger (vacuum sealer), a boat-load of wide mouth canning jars, and FOOD!  More food than you could shake a stick at, if you were so inclined. As I start canning and pickling I will post pics.

Also up: an 870 Remington Marine Magnum 12 GA shotgun and an 870 Remington 18″ Express Synthetic 20 GA shotgun with loads of shells and clay pigeons. But that is another conversation!

Food and Guns!

Today, I packed:
a thermos full of Tortilla soup that I made last month and froze
Crispy nuts
Raw cheese
Crackers and cultured cream cheese
Weinhard’s Root beer and Black Cherry Soda (hey, I follow WAPF, I am a not a slave to it:)
a sandwich for DJ: Danish ham and havarti on rustic bread
coffee and tea
Good times! It would have been a great trip out to the woods to shoot if we had remembered all of the ammo! I was so distracted by packing and trying to reach the Boy (who did not show up or call) that I forgot the main ammo box. So, I squeezed off some rounds with my 9mm and called it a day. I read tonight about a shooting stance and some tips I want to try to improve my shot pattern, so back to the woods next weekend!