The “Rules of Sewage”

I saw this on Ann Barnhardt‘s  site. This does a great job of outlining several critical doctrines, but especially the doctrine of Separation.

The Rules of Sewage


From the post:

Some years ago I heard an analogy that resonated with me.  It was a description of learning something – some piece of information about a person’s character – that was so negative, so vile, that no matter what else you knew about that person, you instantlyunderstood the core of the person in question.  There is, in fact, a folk-wisdom saying that illustrates this concept, which I first heard on a talk radio show: “That tells me everything I need to know about him.”  Ironically, the talk radio host from whom I first heard this expression was revealed to have done something I consider so vile that, even before he was taken off the air, I realized that deed (plus his “Yeah, so what?” attitude) told me everything I needed to know about him – and I stopped listening… and having stumbled across his new broadcast home while channel-surfing, I still refuse to listen to him.

Before I dig into this, I want to be clear – nobody is perfect.  We all have our flaws, being human beings, and need to be forgiving and tolerant.  We all struggle with weaknesses and sin, and while Jewish I’ve found I like the instructional concept of the Seven Deadly Sins (and the other side of the coin, the Seven Cardinal Virtues), and am convinced that while all these are human weaknesses, each person has their “one sin” with which they wrestle as their dominant weakness.  And in that struggle with and – hopefully – victory over it do we demonstrate that we are more than a collection of chemicals and cells, but sentient creatures striving to improve ourselves.


Let it Grow!

There’s a certain bearded man y’all may know in this video, just past the three minute mark.

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