Low Country Boil

I found this recipe on a blog called “Because it really is personal” and I plan on trying it tonight, even though corn on the cob is not in season. It is apparently a southern specialty from Georgia and South Carolina and was also called “Frogmore Stew”.

I happen to have a few nice ears in the freezer, and picked up a BUNCH of frozen shrimp in a sale recently, so I have all the goodness I need (except Old Bay seasoning).

I may have to hunt around to find a home made version.  If the recipe turns out good, I will file it in my recipe section.

Note: crab and butter in any combination can be added to this and still be a low country boil; cocktail sauce would go well with this; a removable drain basket would also be a huge plus if you have one that fits a large pot.

Here is the recipe/directions in an excerpt from Rootie’s blog:

Low Country Boil

5 lbs new potatoes (red or yellow)

2 lbs carrots
2 lbs yellow onions
8- 1/2 ears corn on the cob (or 4 whole ears, cut in 1/2)
2 lbs smoked sausage (kielbasa or bratwurst style), sliced thick
10 lbs fresh or frozen uncooked shrimp- 20-30 ct
4 tbs or 2 pkgs Old Bay crab boil seasoning

A huge pot of boiling water.  Put the seasoning, onions, carrots, sausage and potatoes in the boiling pot of water.
Cook until potatoes are almost tender, and then add the corn. When the corn is done take it all out of the pot (leave the water) and put it all together in a big bowl.

Bring the water back to a boil and add the shrimp. Cook until they are pink through, and dip out into the bowl with everything else.

While everything is cooking, cover your table with several layers of newspaper. Put a roll of paper towels in the middle. When the food it’s done, dump the bowl in the middle of the table, and eat with your fingers. When everyone is full, roll up the newspaper with all the corncobs and shrimp shells in the middle, and throw away.

Good with cold beer or cheap chilled white wine.

I added stuff to it that I like that is not traditional 😉


low country boil 2

low country boil 1