The Blahs

I am feeling tired and out of sorts today; did not get enough sleep last night. I should exercise but I am not going to do it.

I made baked oatmeal today, starting with soaking Scottish-cut oatmeal overnight in whey from yogurt. It turned out well. The recipe came from Kelly the Kitchen Kop. I will be eating this for breakfast off and on the next several days, alternating it with eggs I added dried cranberries to it this morning for extra zing.
baked oatmeal

We are making carnitas today from the Homesick Texan recipe. I have made this several times and it is phenomenally good! The pork simmers slowly in it’s own lard, and the rich fat gives it a toothsomeness that can’t be beat. The OJ works well for caramelizing as well, and adds additional depth to the flavor


pork roast
Food list:

B: baked oatmeal

L: pizza again (leftovers)

D: carnitas, beans, mexican rice, copped veg, home made tortillas

Sabbath Comes ‘Round

We are making bread today, and assorted delicious cook-ahead food to have over the weekend to beat the heat and to avoid cooking on Sabbath proper

Exercise: still T-Tapping, up to 6 minutes now. I am going to try to add a solitary walk to this; iId like to take the Big Dog but there neighbor’s badly behaved dogs make this difficult if not impossible!


b: incredible edible eggs!

L : soup and salad; today tortilla soup. I am soaking beans in the crock pot for tomorrow and the soups next week will more than likely have beans in them! I need some good salad dressings, different from ranch.

d: we are going out!

More stuff non-food blog related.

I drank too much, ate too much, did not exercise. I feel like I am following the “No S” diet; no sweets, snacks or seconds except for days that start with”S”, only worse 😉

We did the weigh in: I am up 2 pounds, lol. Need to try a little harder. I am adding 2 tbs of coconut oil to morning and afternoon, at 10 and 2 pm.

For weekend food we had obscenely good BBQ grilling; ribs and chicken and salads and loads of fresh fruit 😉

I will be gone the next two days to Tahoe for a work trip and the daughter’s birthday; she turns 21~

Real Food Wednesday July 29 2009

real food wed

I am working on granola today from Cheeseslave’s post from yesterday. I have made granola before but with mixed results. I like this recipe better than the one from Nourishing Traditions, and have all kinds of nifty stuff that I can put in the granola.  I started the nuts soaking yesterday and will stick them in my home made dehydrator boxes a little later. Today should reach just about 100 degrees in sunny Northern California (not far from Yosemite) but it is not quite warm enough yet to start the boxes. I use these nifty old wooden boxes I found at a yard sale as both solar cookers and dehydrators. The are line with foil and I just load them up and sit them outside to do their work. I will get pics of that and update the blog later. For now, here are almonds and walnuts soaking: (these are fresh and local; the walnuts from our tree and the almonds from a friend’s)

almonds soaking
walnuts soaking

As you can see, no fancy equipment; I use pans that I thrift sale or find really really cheap I started the oatmeal this AM.
oatmeal soaking

I used whey from yogurt for the acidic medium.

So, the nuts into the dehydrator boxes today, the oatmeal tomorrow. We have dried apricots, cranberries, blueberries, and bananas that can all be placed in the mix, and local gorgeous honey from Gold Country Honey Farms (their website seems to be down) that we pick up at the weekend Farmer’s Market. i have loads of dessicated coconut and coconut oil from Tropical Traditions. I am hopeful that this is going to turn out delish!

Update: here is a pic of my home made solar cooker/dehydrator.  I took the glass off the top to show the inside. I also moved it as it was in the shade. There is a rack underneath the walnuts that is covered by paper towels.