Back in business!

I got a brand-spanking new mini-stove yesterday, which means I can start cooking again! (old one died due to mouse infestation.  Long story!) My sourdough starter is gently bubbling in it’s crock; been feeding it fresh ground wheat out of my back-to-basics hand mill (don’t get one of these… the only virtue for me was it was free… takes 20 mins to crank out 2 c. flour)

I have chicken brining right now; really meaty free range drum sticks. Gonna fry those up in refined coconut oil (so they won’t taste too coconutty) with a batter coating that has been soaking the last 24 hrs. Gonna make fresh biscuits tonight (started the buttermilk soak last night, so they will be PERFECT for tonight…)
Green salad with veggies fresh from the garden, along with a stir-fried veggie combo of squash, onions, garlic and herbs. Can’t forget the lovely mashed potatoes with cream and butter, and a small amount of coconut milk for richness, and cream gravy made with pan drippings. I am gonna bring out my lil’ electric icecream maker and make blackberry icecream with a combination of really nice heavy cream and raw cream from Organic Pastures and bb’s from the back yard, picked last summer and frozen.

I have soup bones perking away in the crock pot, to make stock for soup for everyone all week long. I just keep adding bones and water and draw some out every day, then make fresh soup in the AM and put it in thermoses for everyone.

The sourdough starter will be ready in two more days, then I can go back to my old habit of making bread and rolls every three days.

Gotta go buy some nappa cabbage so I can get more veggies fermenting… almost out. Gotta start some yogurt tomorrow, too, when the new batch of raw milk arrives.

Hurray! Life back on track again!

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