A taste of the cold

This year, it’s going to be all about cold showers, and cold exposure to increase my cold tolerance.

I did cold showers a bit over the horridly hot summer of two years ago, seeking relief from the oppressive Willamette Valley sunshine.  I wish I had kept up on it; i could withstand 50 degree well water straight out of the ground for more than 10 minutes without even trying. As soon as the weather turned I gave it up, and forgot about it until recently.

I got a copy of “Becoming the Iceman” recently and it inspired me to star with cold exposure all over again.  If I had the cash I’d sign up for the mini course. That won;t stop me from trying out all kinds of madness on my own 🙂

Here’s Wim talking about how to take a cold shower:

Wim Hof Cold Shower

I’ll get into this more when I have some time to write.

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