California Raw Milk Senate Hearings

California Senate Hearings 4-15—08

Joint Senate hearings

to be held April 15th

Raw Milk consumers are

amassing to attend the

Biggest Raw Milk event in History!!

 Senator Dean Florez and Senator Maldonado are holding joint senate hearings on raw milk for California. It appears that CDFA and the FDA are sending their "Anti Raw Milk A-Team" to try and stop the rising tide of raw milk market interest in California. The chief of FDA dairy safety John Sheehan will be attending along with eight other PhD University food safety experts. 

The Raw Milk Dream Team will include: Sally Fallon (president of the Weston A Price Foundation), Jordan Rubin (author of the Makers Diet), Dr. Ted Beals MD, Dr. Mark Gebhart MD, Dr. Cat Berge DVM PhD and Walter Robb president of Wholefoods. Other powerful voices will also be attending to stand with raw milk in a science and consumer choice-based show-down that could quite possibly reset the destiny of consumer food choices for the next 100 years. Some of the experts will testify via remote video because they are from other countries. Raw milk experts will argue demonstrated California raw milk safety, superior nutrition and consumer choice.

1500 raw milk consumers are expected to pack this six-hour hearing. Many will have the opportunity to speak briefly about why they demand raw milk in California. Information collected from this joint hearing will form the basis for new legislation that will protect consumer choice as well as create sound standards for testing Fresh Farm Milk in California. 

Date: Tuesday, April 15, 2008 
Location: Sacramento CA State Capitol Building Mr. #4203 
Subject: Fresh Farm Milk-Assuring Safety and Consumer Choice
Joint Hearing of: Senate Agriculture Committee and the Select Committee on Food-Borne Illness 
Senators Maldonado and Florez-Chairs 
3:00 PM until 9:00 PM hours or until everyone has spoken
John L. Burton Hearing Room (4203) 

Interviews available: 
Mark McAfee 
Founder, Organic Pastures Dairy 559-846-9732

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