Body by low carb?

One could only hope.

lowcarb pyramid low carb body builder 2



I could only aspire to such ripply niceness, being a girl and shaped like a pear that is a wee-bit shall we say “over-ripe”?

Tho I wish I looked like this lovely fat girl:

roses mena



Note about this picture: is is a pic of Mena Suvari from “American Beauty” that has been altered to make her “fat” to shame readers into buying their yogurt product. Dumbasses.

I am thinking about installing a nifty module I found for Joomla that is a weight tracker.  I may start using it secretly, then when I feel like I need to go public, I will set it for “public”.  I make no bones about my being FAT.  But, I am in a slow recovery process from SAD, so take it for what it is worth.  I have lost over 100 pounds, but still have a loooong ways to go. I find that this blog, along with support mailing lists help keep me on the straight and narrow.  Maybe my going public with a weight tracker would help even more.  Or I might just run and hide.  Who knows!

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