The Joy of Sausage

Charcuterie. MMMM sausage…… sigh…

I LOVE sausage. I obsess about good sausage. I make great homemade sausage. I ran out and bought Ruhlman’s book after hearing about it on No Reservations.  Tony Bourdain’s da bomb.  I’d do him in a hot New York minute, so to speak.

Here’s a great pic/rendering I found on Salon of the two of them:



Why not indulge and open a charcuterie?

I am thinking seriously about opening a sausage shop if and when we relocate.
Sausages, pate, terrines, good quality hotdogs, scrapple, and all the great things I already have a great deal of knowledge about. And I have run small restaurants in the past, before moving into social work (what a transmogrification! Story for another day, fer shure.) Good quality local meats, no preservatives beyond salt and seasonings, maybe sell hot sausages on good quality buns along side…

I was in a sausage shop recently while this occurred to me, btw. I had to drive to the valley (150 mile round trip) to drop my daughter off at the ‘rents and I always shop while I am down there for fresh vegetables and fruits along with sausages at the Lockeford Meat and Sausage Company. Disagreeable political posters on the wall, but good sausages can make me overlook a LOT of things. I watched them sell hundreds of dollars in sausages while I stood there (now of course, they have been there for a long time and have a great reputation, but good things come with time, eh?)I bought Dakota brats, Wisconsin Brats, both smoked, along with some fresh sausage.

And don’t forget the sauerkraut! MMMMM~~~~~

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