Making Your Own Chicken Feed

Really, it is more mixing your own mixed chicken feed from a both commercial and home grown sources.

Weston Price friendly, anti-soy (yay); I grow a lot of what is needed in our yard. I am working on Bio-intensive gardening schemes; planting about 60% of the arable land in nitrogen fixers and/or compost crop that can be tilled under (grains, cowpeas, vetch, you name it. Some I can eat, some the chickens can eat.) or cut off and composted and 30-40% of the balance either in vegetables or fallow. I sowed a lot of oats and wheat this year, with the vetch , clover, and alfalfa. I am thinking about adding field peas. I need to find some good information on companion planting and rotation for plants that will keep me from planting stuff that won’t grow due to what grew there the year before. So much to learn, so little time! I want to be free of as many outside “inputs” as possible so I can grow without having to rely on commercial products.

I have really kicked up the idea of a fall garden and the planting of certain items that keep in cool storage (root cellar) so I won’t have to can much. I won’t be able to do much this year but I have some long term plans for year ’round gardening that will hopefully bear fruit!

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