Bought a big bone

That childe of mine and I went to the store last night and bought a Big Bone. A cow’s femur, to be exact.  Bones, yay!  The Old Man promptly sawed it in half per my request so it would both fit in the freezer as well as fit in the stock pot. It will be a big steaming pot of stock this weekend, and then into a big, nourishing pot of soup for the week.  It is SO HARD to find bones in meat here in California, or organ meats that aren’t nasty chicken livers in a plastic tub.  I think it is the growing hispanic population that is bringing the bones back.  A lack of decent bone is probably the reason for the limp spinelessness of the general population in our area, IMHO.

When looking at the Big Bone (ginormous! Huuuge! Holy Cow!) I was instantly reminded of the Near Nude Bourdain pic I posted on a different date.  I think I shall repost Bourdain’s Big Bone in honor of my big Bone.

NSFW Bourdain after the jump


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