Beer Review

I have had a rare really good day today; went shooting at Thompson’s Meadow this AM with the Old Man and tried out my new Remington 870 Express Security shot gun (20 GA for the lightweight girly that I be.)  Old Man tried out his new Remington 870 Marine Magnum 12 GA and blew some stuff UP!  (Can I hear a BOOM?) We ate good egg salad sammitches on sourdough with Bubbie’s pickles and sauerkraut at creekside while cows moo’ed at us wistfully, wishing that we were the hay truck.  Good times, indeed.

We had awesome burgers for dinner, BTW, with onion buns, 1/3 lb fresh ground hamburger, mushrooms, onions, melted bleu cheese and Dijon mustard/mayo with, you guessed it: BEER!


Blue Moon Beer, to be exact.  (Pardon my typing, if it runs off the edge of the screen. Two beers give me a righteous buzzzzz.) Very smooth, very full.  Tastes reminiscently of apricots and peaches.  It is great with an orange slice.  I first had this beer on a drunken spree in Tahoe with my former friend GF back in Feb.  I really liked it then, but was so buzzed from free alcohol from sitting at the slots at Harrah’s that I could not trust my tongue’s initial impressions.  We got so drunk that day we got lost in the tunnel between Harvey’s and Harrah’s and circled around endlessly, saying “Hey!  Didn’t we JUST see that!” until we realized we were lost.  Good times again.  This beer is very mellow, and goes well with beer and pickles.  The Old Man tried it, and did not make the famous Admiral Ackbar face, so it MUST be good.

Here is the site for it: Believe me, it’s worth a try!  **hick**.

Now I have to go back to obsessively watching my favorite TEOTWAWKI websites/forums to watch WW III unfold with the Russian/Georgian conflict vs. the US blockade of Iran as the centerpiece.  Good luck and good night!

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