Back up and running

Sorry to be gone so long; I have been busy trying to recover from the drunken stupor that was my Tahoe WEEKEND;)  A good time was had by all; my daughter turn 20, my niece 22 and my friend 30 (they are all BABIES!)  The kid and niece got tattoos, we drank a boat-load of Sam Adams beer and ate until we burst (can I say 10 pounds?!?! In ONE weekend?!? lol!)

First off, Sam Adams beer rocks.  New find: cherry wheat.  This stuff is superiorly smooth and really tastes like cherries!  The pale ale and summer ale were also excellent.  I think I shall be drinking my way through the Sam Adams collection this summer 😉

Second: the carnitas were a HUUUGE hit. Gods bless the Homesick Texan for her recipe. I have made a lot of carnitas before, but the recipe that she gives is the best I ever came across.  Watch those cooking temps, tho: I nearly scorched the whole thing cooking on an electric stove.  My “highest” compliment: one gal exclaimed “It was like real taco truck food!”  The rice was great too.  Big secret here: wash the rice before cooking, and fry it in oil until brown.  Makes a huge difference in the Mexican rice taste.

We also did my Fettuccini, and in spite of missing an ingredient or two, was well received amongst the hungry and drunk women.

And Tahoe: spectacularly gorgeous.  Our condo overlooked the lake and the mountains.  There were trees! Sigh.

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