9 Crazy Women in a Beach-front Condo

Well, folks, I will be gone for the next couple of days to a beach-front condo at Lake Tahoe, celebrating the birthdays of my friend, my daughter and my niece.  It will be a weekend of drunken debauchery and will be blessed by copious amounts of good food and beer.  I am the primary cook for the trip (shock shock) and will try and get a couple of canned posts lined up through Saturday to talk about the menus, etc.  We are having Tex-Mex one night (oh, sweet sweet juicy carnitas, my love, my light…I will be cramming it in with both fists, I tell ya.) with carnitas, bean, rice, these nifty uncooked tortillas we picked up this week at Costco, cortido, and good beer; one night will be Italiano of sorts with a Fettuccini Alfredo that uses TWO ENTIRE STICKS OF BUTTER and A PINT OF HEAVY CREAM, lol, along with chicken and veg, and one night is old fashioned BBQ of hamburgers, sausages, and fresh salads of one variety or another, all washed down with 6 different kinds of Sam Adams beer 😉  Man, o Man, this is gonna be good!

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