I Been Stimulated!

Stimulated, I tell ya!  By both the timely stimulus check from Unka Sam and by Tony Bourdain in Colombia tonight.  I just love that man.  I had a nice Honey Moon beer from Belgium Brewery while watching the show.  I swear the man smokes so much that he makes ME wanna smoke while the show is on and I don’t smoke!  I also saw the Colombian version of chiccarones tonight and was going to attempt to emulate it with thick bacon and my Fry-Daddy but alas, I could not find the cord for the wee bugger.  Never have teenage children.  (Although my teens are rolling into twenty-somethings this weekend. **sigh**)

My stimulus check was well spent on a new 23 Qt. pressure canner, a food-sucka-ma-jigger (vacuum sealer), a boat-load of wide mouth canning jars, and FOOD!  More food than you could shake a stick at, if you were so inclined. As I start canning and pickling I will post pics.

Also up: an 870 Remington Marine Magnum 12 GA shotgun and an 870 Remington 18″ Express Synthetic 20 GA shotgun with loads of shells and clay pigeons. But that is another conversation!

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