Whassup for dinner tonight?

Mystery Casserole! Tonight’s MC is a quiche: I have a TON of eggs to use up.  The ducks should start laying soon which means even more egg-based dishes coming soon! Pair it with a salad and some nice white wine, and ya got yerself a winner!  (Still no wine for me, sniff.  Soon, my precious.  Soon.)  I will report back as to how the experiment with the zucchini crust goes 😉

I will be using Cleo’s (bless ya, Jamie!) zucchini crust recipe for pizza, I am thinking.  Recipe here:

After that I will fill it with a standard LC quiche mixture:

8 eggs
2/3 c. cream
2 c. chopped ham
red and green peppers, chopped
chopped mushrooms
Cleo’s crust OR 2 c. cheese, any kind
season salt to taste
pepper to taste

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