Give your children a love for reading

I was talking about novels to a friend on FB the other day and left this as a comment. Give your children a love of books!

The only reason I got outside of our cultural matrix of public school indoctrination was a love of books. I would read good books, and those books would refer to other books, which I had to read to end up reading even more books. I read a lot of sci-fi pulp as a child and teen, and a lot of the good old sci fi refers to classical books in passing.

By reading books, from sci-fi pulp to the classics, I accidentally giving myself a much greater education than could be accounted for from my poverty-stricken circumstances of being a illegitimate latch-key child of a serial multiple marrier feminist. I learned nothing from public school except how to be patient and wait for the state to hand me stuff and to take being bullied as a normal part of life. Don’t send your children to public school. It’s tantamount to child abuse

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