What’s on the menu for tonight, you ask?

Well, to start:
delicious, crunchy homemade crostini with baked brie to dip in and thin thin slices of good quality salami to top it with, along with green olives that are stuffed with either garlic or bleu cheese. MMmmmmmmm. I am serving a nice red wine “Alice Walker” 2005 Cab Sauv from Australia along with the crostini. I can’t drink right now, but I can lick the bottle. Shame on me.

Later on: baked chicken, from a local farm. It is seasoned with Celtic sea salt, crushed garlic, basil, olive oil, and the cavity is stuffed with onions. We will have mixed salad with it, along with baked cabbage that has been lightly salted and tossed in bacon drippings. I have a nice local Ironstone Vineyards white wine I picked up while hob-knobbing with our funders from work to serve alongside it, as well as a fresh baked baguette.

Oohh la la!!

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