Food Pr0n

DJ and I went to a chi-chi market (Angel’s Food Market, which is a great place to shop) in a neighboring town and bought some nifty edibles. I am working on “intuitive” eating: eating when I am hungry, and just until I am not hungry any more, not to the point of bursting and dying. I want really flavorful, high-quality food to eat, in smaller amounts 😉
This cheese is called “St. Andre” and is a cow’s milk cheese from France. Here is the description from the label:
“This soft-ripened, triple-crème cheese has a velvety-smooth texture and delicately rich, buttery flavor. An enrichment of fresh sweet cream makes this an extraordinary dessert cheese.” it is 75% butterfat and one of the richer cheeses made.
Yuuuummmmm. Boy howdy. Very buttery and delicate. I had some slathered on a fresh piece of soft sourdough with dinner. I also had a small rib eye steak with mushrooms and onions in a caramelized wine sauce, and fresh broccoli with butter. We had a small amount of antipasto stuff to start the meal with: homemade lactofermented kimchi that was of medium heat, and really high quality olives stuffed with either bleu cheese or garlic, along with a nice glass of a local red wine.
Dessert was a small amount of homemade yogurt with blueberry preserves dropped in.
Tonight’s dinner: BBQ baby back ribs, (DJ already started the BBQ, I can smell it!) fresh veggies in a garlic butter sauce, green salad with three lettuces and cabbage and olive oil vinaigrette, soft sourdough, with sauerkraut, olives and beer for the starter and more yogurt with cherry preserves for dessert.

Hahaha. Can ya TELL I am a foodie?

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