$50 food list

I am working on a $50 list of food for emergencies, for people following WAPF nutritional outlines (traditional diets; all whole foods, all “real” food (butter, meat, raw milk and cheese, etc), soaked/sprouted grains, sprouted beans, no processed foods, no oils beyond coconut, olive and palm, nothing hydrogenated, no sweeteners except raw honey, rapadura, maple syrup, stevia, lots of good fat….you get the pic. For more detailed info, try http://westonaprice.org ) One of my inspirations for this was the recent $21 food challenge regarding food stamps. $50 may no longer be doable with nearly $5/gal gas, but I can try.

As you can see from the list above, these foods can be very pricey. I’d like to work on a version of this for folks that have little $ to spend; especially for those on commodities, food stamps, and getting supplemental food from food banks. Since it has been a while since I got supplemental food, I need to go with one of my folks (or go on the shelter shopping trip to the food bank) and take a good look at what is being given out. I remember the days of great government cheese and butter, and cans of great pork and beef (makes the best darned tex-mex food ever eaten…) along with eggs, beans, and rice. Last I looked it was mostly days old bread, old pastries and cakes from the local supermarkets, and cans of “western family” generic veggies. If it is still that bad, this could be REALLY challenging.

The idea is $50 in basic supplies to do seven full days of nutritious eating. Another big challenge is school food; most kids on f/s are getting low cost or free lunch, and maybe even breakfast. So how do I account for those meals, and get kids to choose appropriate stuff? Hmm, gotta think about this.

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