Dreaming of hot springs again…

You have no idea how much I long to go for a day trip, to hop in the ‘Hoe and go for a ride.
Preferably to a local hot spring. My heart almost hurts with the longing!
Nothing is ever as good as one remembers, however. Alas.

The hot spring travel song we would blast on our way to Hwy 395 is posted above. [youtube id=8D6pPgwafq0]

Here’s an article by the Oregonian taunting me *heavy sigh*
Oregon Hot Springs


2 thoughts on “Dreaming of hot springs again…”

  1. Oh boy do I relate. I want so BADLY to jump in the car and do a road trip. Preferably somewhere mountainous with windy roads and weird cafes and yard art. (warning: whine spooling up)For the past 7 years, Himself’s job has been so grindingly awful, complete with saboteur every. single. time. we go away, that we simply haven’t gone anywhere. The worst one came when we had a 2 week trip planned for our 25th anniversary, and a week before, a disaster of national-news proportions cause that to be cancelled. That disaster absolutely meant for the next 3 years (until this May)he had no time off. None. Not even a single day was he allowed to leave the phone or not be on call. Ok I will stop now. Hopefully that has changed. At any rate, I get it. I want a road trip, too.

  2. I am so sorry to hear about that! It’s really tough when the job does not allow for personal time in any way. Life at the RV park was a lot like that, always on call and if we ever left S would HTF. I pray for all of us that life will let up for a bit of enjoyment 🙂

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