Ideas, ideas

I am thinking about doing a side blog about WAPF cooking and recipes I use, with cost saving measures, hints tips and tricks for cooking, saving money, and saving time trying to eat in this rather expensive manner. I have to say, in the 7+ years since I found Nourishing Trads, our health as a family has improved dramatically. My daughter has been off psychotropic meds for five years, and the only doctor visits in the last three years have been for broken bones and stitches, with the exception of the “super-mega” swimmer’s ear that my daughter had recently, which is requiring the services of a specialist, and a childhood birth defect that has been plaguing me with non-diet related troubles. And this is on eating sometimes only two or three WAPF style meals a week, depending on how busy I am at work. But I feel like it is time to finish the changeover, with not only food but personal body products, etc. It takes very little to be mindful of the environment one chooses to be in, and it would cost no more money to make product substitutions as I run out of stuff for things that are less toxic. I got this from someone else’s blog; it has been handy for weeding out some of the products that I use.
I still have some issues with sugar cravings, and fatigue, along with the inevitable weight issues, and feel like some of these would resolve with going further into WAPF eating. So, as I get it going, I will post about it occasionally and share some of this stuff I learned.

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