Feast again!

We’ve been preparing to feast for several days now, shopping for the right food, sprouting and preparing things, souring dough and cleaning house.
Our menu:
Beef ribs: grass-fed, ranch butchered succulent ribs, marinated overnight in a special sauce of Darkweald’s contrivance, then dry rubbed with rapadura sugar, salt, peppers and spice, then slow cooked for hours over wood BBQ. A KC style sauce, sweet and savory, with herbs from the garden to finish. The fat was so juicy as I bit into the rib, it ran down my chin as I chortled in greedy delight.

Fresh picked corn, super sweet; from a vendor in the valley. Slathered in butter and sprinkled with Celtic sea salt and pepper, it was like biting into summer.

The ubiquitous Texas ranch-style pot o’beans, sprouted after a three day soaking and slow simmered with onions, chilies, cumin, and other spices, then finished off with a touch of rapadura sugar and vinegar to bring out the spice. Served with a generous dollop of crème fraiche and raw jack cheese.

Greens fresh from the garden (tho not much else is coming off yet, with this unseasonably cool weather…:( ) with a vinaigrette from homemade wine vinegar, raw honey and fresh picked herbs.

Sourdough rolls, yeast free; proofed over a 5 day period for maximum rise from hard red winter wheat that I hand ground the day I started souring the dough. Also slathered in butter and with the occasional drizzle of raw honey… mmmm

We drank Snowshoe Hefeweisen, bottled locally and served ice cold in frosty mugs.

Dessert will be sliced fresh picked strawberries in raw honey, with a generous dollop of whipped raw cream.

I am full, happy, and ready for a nap.

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