Food and Guns!

Today, I packed:
a thermos full of Tortilla soup that I made last month and froze
Crispy nuts
Raw cheese
Crackers and cultured cream cheese
Weinhard’s Root beer and Black Cherry Soda (hey, I follow WAPF, I am a not a slave to it:)
a sandwich for DJ: Danish ham and havarti on rustic bread
coffee and tea
Good times! It would have been a great trip out to the woods to shoot if we had remembered all of the ammo! I was so distracted by packing and trying to reach the Boy (who did not show up or call) that I forgot the main ammo box. So, I squeezed off some rounds with my 9mm and called it a day. I read tonight about a shooting stance and some tips I want to try to improve my shot pattern, so back to the woods next weekend!

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