About me: a woman, her husband, their adult children, guns, dogs, chickens, assorted other animals and a lot of food.

Our family are Agrarian Separatists; we believe in separating from the urban culture and living rural lifestyles. That does not mean we are tech-phobes; it helps us maintain contact with the rest of the world.

What is agrarianism? Agrarianism is a social and political philosophy which stresses the viewpoint that a rural or semi-rural lifestyle, most especially agricultural pursuits such as farming or ranching, leads to a fuller, happier, cleaner, and more sustainable way of life for both individuals and society as a whole.

We’ve moved, to try to get further off the grid and away from the urban life, so far with mixed results. Still don’t have land, and had to give up some of our animals for now, but Lord Willing we will get ourselves situated 🙂

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