Back in business!

I got a brand-spanking new mini-stove yesterday, which means I can start cooking again! (old one died due to mouse infestation.  Long story!) My sourdough starter is gently bubbling in it’s crock; been feeding it fresh ground wheat out of my back-to-basics hand mill (don’t get one of these… the only virtue for me was it was free… takes 20 mins to crank out 2 c. flour)

I have chicken brining right now; really meaty free range drum sticks. Gonna fry those up in refined coconut oil (so they won’t taste too coconutty) with a batter coating that has been soaking the last 24 hrs. Gonna make fresh biscuits tonight (started the buttermilk soak last night, so they will be PERFECT for tonight…)
Green salad with veggies fresh from the garden, along with a stir-fried veggie combo of squash, onions, garlic and herbs. Can’t forget the lovely mashed potatoes with cream and butter, and a small amount of coconut milk for richness, and cream gravy made with pan drippings. I am gonna bring out my lil’ electric icecream maker and make blackberry icecream with a combination of really nice heavy cream and raw cream from Organic Pastures and bb’s from the back yard, picked last summer and frozen.

I have soup bones perking away in the crock pot, to make stock for soup for everyone all week long. I just keep adding bones and water and draw some out every day, then make fresh soup in the AM and put it in thermoses for everyone.

The sourdough starter will be ready in two more days, then I can go back to my old habit of making bread and rolls every three days.

Gotta go buy some nappa cabbage so I can get more veggies fermenting… almost out. Gotta start some yogurt tomorrow, too, when the new batch of raw milk arrives.

Hurray! Life back on track again!

Good times

Had a marvelous time last night with good friends… drank wine and ate a great NT dinner… sprouted wheat pizza with raw cheese, organic sauce, organic mushrooms, olives, onions and Niman ranch bacon, buckwheat pasta with grilled veggies and homemade pesto, casaba melon straight from the garden, coconut cream corn, green salad with balsamic vinaigrette, and loads of good local wine, Ironstone Vineyards Merlot. It was rich with fruit, blackberries and cherries, and had a very smooth finish. We sat in their un-airconditioned straw bale house (when I got there, outside temp was 102 degrees F. Inside, it was 76 F. (that’s right, NO airconditioning, just a couple of open windows.) When it cooled off, we jumped into their wood-fired redwood hot tub, drinking cool well water and telling tall tales. We talked about everything, from death to taxes to spirit possession to Rudolph Steiner. Whatta night, to talk to people that speak the same language! I was there til 1 AM, and had to get up and go to work today. Boy am I bushed but happy. They are beautiful people, and a grand time was had by all.

California Raw Milk Senate Hearings

California Senate Hearings 4-15—08

Joint Senate hearings

to be held April 15th

Raw Milk consumers are

amassing to attend the

Biggest Raw Milk event in History!!

 Senator Dean Florez and Senator Maldonado are holding joint senate hearings on raw milk for California. It appears that CDFA and the FDA are sending their "Anti Raw Milk A-Team" to try and stop the rising tide of raw milk market interest in California. The chief of FDA dairy safety John Sheehan will be attending along with eight other PhD University food safety experts. 

The Raw Milk Dream Team will include: Sally Fallon (president of the Weston A Price Foundation), Jordan Rubin (author of the Makers Diet), Dr. Ted Beals MD, Dr. Mark Gebhart MD, Dr. Cat Berge DVM PhD and Walter Robb president of Wholefoods. Other powerful voices will also be attending to stand with raw milk in a science and consumer choice-based show-down that could quite possibly reset the destiny of consumer food choices for the next 100 years. Some of the experts will testify via remote video because they are from other countries. Raw milk experts will argue demonstrated California raw milk safety, superior nutrition and consumer choice.

1500 raw milk consumers are expected to pack this six-hour hearing. Many will have the opportunity to speak briefly about why they demand raw milk in California. Information collected from this joint hearing will form the basis for new legislation that will protect consumer choice as well as create sound standards for testing Fresh Farm Milk in California. 

Date: Tuesday, April 15, 2008 
Location: Sacramento CA State Capitol Building Mr. #4203 
Subject: Fresh Farm Milk-Assuring Safety and Consumer Choice
Joint Hearing of: Senate Agriculture Committee and the Select Committee on Food-Borne Illness 
Senators Maldonado and Florez-Chairs 
3:00 PM until 9:00 PM hours or until everyone has spoken
John L. Burton Hearing Room (4203) 

Interviews available: 
Mark McAfee 
Founder, Organic Pastures Dairy 559-846-9732

Low-carb pizza crust that tastes GOOD!

It does when it is made with cauliflower and cheese!  I ran across this recipe on Cleochatra’s delightful blog, “The Lighter Side of Low-Carb” and it is GREAT!  I will be making a crust today for nibbling this week along with fabulous “Oopsie” rolls that are also her great invention 😉  Pics to come after I get the stuff made!

Here is my attempt:

Baked crust

With toppings

cut up and delish

Recipes came about by evolution?

Recipes Came About By Evolution

What a fascinating idea! An evolutionary mechanism/relationship between an ingredient’s position on the list and how commonly used it was.  I would imagine there is a correlation between vitamin/mineral combinations, flavor, and maximum nutritional value which cause us to put items together.



Recipes came about by evolution

COQ AU VIN and steak-and-kidney pudding may not bring to mind the principles of evolution. Yet evolutionary mechanisms may well be reflected in recipes for these tried-and-tested dishes.

Physicist Antonio Roque of the University of São Paulo in Brazil and colleagues analysed thousands of recipes ( drawn from the French Larousse Gastronomique, the British New Penguin Cookery Book, three editions of the Brazilian Dona Benta spanning nearly 60 years, and a medieval cookbook. When they looked at how often ingredients appeared in recipes and ranked them accordingly, they saw a precise mathematical relationship across the board between an ingredient’s position on the list and how commonly it was used. “There’s a remarkable similarity,” says Roque, “independent of culture and author.”

The war on raw milk gets rough

FBI? Wiretaps?  Federal investigation?  C’mon, folks, it’s MILK!!!  It never fails to surprise me how low giant agri-business will stoop to have their way.  This kind of behavior also helps to confirm the high “tin foil factor” involved in agribusiness and the ideas behind the genocide of human beings in the quest for profits, sigh.  But that is another whole rant.

Huge Raw Milk Victory in CA


March 20, 2008.
For Immediate Release:
See Blog for details
 Raw milk consumers won
a major victory yesterday
as Judge Harry J. Tobias of the San Benito Superior
 Court in Hollister, California granted a temporary
restraining order against the enforcement of AB 1735.  

Described as a "stealth attack" against raw milk, AB 1735 calls for a strict coliform limit of 10 per ml or under in bottled raw milk.  In court papers filed on March 6, Organic Pastures Dairy Company and Claravale Farms argued that raw milk from their dairies has a superlative safety record in California and that the new coliform limit would effectively put them out of business. Coliforms are beneficial bacteria found in raw milk.

The plaintiffs were represented by Gary Cox of the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund, which gives legal support to member farmers who provide raw milk and other farm products directly to the public.

Ruling from the bench after nearly two hours of oral argument, Judge Tobias concluded that the two dairies would both be irreparably harmed if the coliform standard imposed by AB 1735 continued to remain in effect, noting that existing testing data proves the dairies cannot meet the standard.  

In issuing the temporary restraining order, Judge Tobias set the matter for a preliminary injunction hearing for April 25th to determine whether the temporary stay should remain in effect until the parties actually go to trial, which could conceivably be later this year.  If Judge Tobias issues a preliminary injunction at the conclusion of the April 25th hearing, then raw dairy products will be safe in California until the parties go to trial. 

"This is a huge win for raw dairy consumers in the State of California" said Taaron Meikle, president of the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund.  "With this ruling, consumers can continue to enjoy the health benefits of raw dairy.  We are pleased with Judge Tobias' ruling and hope the stay remains in effect after the April 25th hearing." 

The Legal Defense Fund argued on behalf of its members, Organic Pastures and Claravale Farm, that without an injunction, both dairies would go out of business.  In addition, Fund lawyers noted the lack of evidence that any pathogens causing human illness have been found in any of the dairies' products.

"The Judge's ruling is consistent with the evidence and the law of the case," said Fund attorney Gary Cox.  "We had provided evidence that our members would both go out of business should AB 1735 be enforced, and that there was no scientific or reasonable basis for using coliforms as the standard for safety and health," Cox further added. 

The parties will now begin preparing for the April 25th hearing.  At that hearing, both parties are free to submit declarations and affidavits as well as introduce live testimony with expert and lay witnesses.  The hearing is scheduled for one day and a ruling is expected within a month thereafter.  In the meantime, legislative efforts continue to gain momentum, as several concerned legislators have introduced bills to rescind AB 1735 and replace the 10 coliform limit with another, more reasonable and scientifically based limit. 

Tax-deductible donations in support of the upcoming legal efforts may be made to the Farm-to-Consumer Foundation,

CONTACT: Taaron Meikle, President, The Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund, (703) 964-7421

More evidence on the benefits of a traditional diet

The Town That Lost 1200 Pounds

This is a great article about the positive benefits of a traditional diet/low carbing being beneficial for folks.  These were Canadian Native Americans eating trad foods (ooligan grease, salmon, etc) and becoming healthier as a result. Many reported significant weight loss and reduction of measures to intervene with diabetes (meds, etc.)  I know I feel best when low-carbing it.  I plan on working on a series of posts for traditional foods for Scotch-Irish and German folks soon.

Excerpt: The Town that lost 1200 pounds

His town was shrinking, and Greg Wadhams was determined to shrink with it. So on a cold December night in 2006, the 55-year-old commercial fisherman sat down to say goodbye to the past.

He devoured a spread of chicken chow mein, fried rice and deep-fried prawns to triumphant delight.

Then, with the final bite, he bade farewell to his favourite foods.

Wadhams was returning to a traditional aboriginal diet for the next year, joining a village-wide experiment in tiny Alert Bay aimed at fighting the obesity and diabetes that plagues First Nations people.

The rules were simple: Eat all the fat you want, and all the seafood and meat and starch-free vegetables. Dairy fats like cream and cheese were fine, but not milk. Everything else with carbs — bread, pasta, chips — were off-limits. No ancestor of Wadhams’ ever feasted on pasta and rice. Or ice cream bars.

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