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Beer Review

I have had a rare really good day today; went shooting at Thompson’s Meadow this AM with the Old Man and tried out my new Remington 870 Express Security shot gun (20 GA for the lightweight girly that I be.)  Old Man tried out his new Remington 870 Marine Magnum 12 GA and blew some stuff UP!  (Can I hear a BOOM?) We ate good egg salad sammitches on sourdough with Bubbie’s pickles and sauerkraut at creekside while cows moo’ed at us wistfully, wishing that we were the hay truck.  Good times, indeed.

We had awesome burgers for dinner, BTW, with onion buns, 1/3 lb fresh ground hamburger, mushrooms, onions, melted bleu cheese and Dijon mustard/mayo with, you guessed it: BEER!


Blue Moon Beer, to be exact.  (Pardon my typing, if it runs off the edge of the screen. Two beers give me a righteous buzzzzz.) Very smooth, very full.  Tastes reminiscently of apricots and peaches.  It is great with an orange slice.  I first had this beer on a drunken spree in Tahoe with my former friend GF back in Feb.  I really liked it then, but was so buzzed from free alcohol from sitting at the slots at Harrah’s that I could not trust my tongue’s initial impressions.  We got so drunk that day we got lost in the tunnel between Harvey’s and Harrah’s and circled around endlessly, saying “Hey!  Didn’t we JUST see that!” until we realized we were lost.  Good times again.  This beer is very mellow, and goes well with beer and pickles.  The Old Man tried it, and did not make the famous Admiral Ackbar face, so it MUST be good.

Here is the site for it: Believe me, it’s worth a try!  **hick**.

Now I have to go back to obsessively watching my favorite TEOTWAWKI websites/forums to watch WW III unfold with the Russian/Georgian conflict vs. the US blockade of Iran as the centerpiece.  Good luck and good night!

Busy canning

What a busy weekend!  I have been canning stuff I picked up in the valley.  Y’see, I decided I couldn’t wait for stuff to ripen around here (we got a late start to planting due to TWO plant disasters) so I decided to go down below to pick up large quantities of cannables.  I also decided to go to the movies while down there so I would have more than one reason to waste all of the gas money.  I went to the Galaxy Theater in Riverbank, one of those new fancy-schmancy stadium-style theaters with rocking seats, digital projection and plushness abounding.  So, I saw the new X-Files movie “X-Files: I want to Believe”.  Oh how I wanted to believe!  I was very sad after watching that movie, as Mulder and Scully had a pretty rotten life after the show, fictionally speaking. A sad life, none-the-less.  I won’t spoil it for y’all right now; maybe later I will do a post that has spoilers below the fold, cuz I have QUESTIONS!  A LOT of questions as to WHY this?  Why that?  How Come? The Old Man pointed out that the little clip in the credits equals a sort-of happy ending and a goodbye, and I want to believe him as well!

Mulder and Scully

But, back to the canning.  I will try to get pics of some of the stuff I canned.  I got a lug of peaches and canned them into quart jars; it has been so long since I canned instead of freezing and drying I made a couple of rookie mistakes, feeling my way through the process. I also canned some salsa from Roma tomatoes, but am not totally pleased with the results and so I will finish the case of Romas as tomato sauce, a la Rotel tomatoes.  I also need to get my basement cleaned out so I can start storing these gems down there in the 63 degree year-round coolness so I will get the most storage time possible.  I have a bunch of stuff to shift down there; I am thinking about taking more vacation time to get some work done.

Well, off to work I go!

Rain In The Summertime

I am dreaming of hot springs today. It is chilly here in Sonora in the AM, but not cold (100 degrees during the day).  The destination that I am longing to jump in my Jeep and drive off to is Benton Hot Springs. It’s a quiet, unassuming place at the end of Hwy 120. The drive there is to die for! My favorite way to go is over Tioga Pass through Yosemite, which cuts the drive down to about 3.5 hours for me. After driving through one of the most beautiful (but severely overpopulated tourist-wise) places in America (Yosemite) , the road ends up on Hwy 395, another breathtaking and somewhat desolate stretch of highway that varies between Nevada-like desert and high windswept passes. After a brief sojourn around Mono Lake Highway 10 splits off from 395 and that’s where the real fun begins.
It’s about 50 miles to Benton Hot Springs from the split, and the road is my very favorite. As you go through winding highway, the scenery changes completely. First, stunning old Red Pine forests, with gravel-like rock that makes the forest look like it’s been paved; eerie but still beautiful. Next up: rock formations from old lava flows, piled up alongside the road in strange drips and lumps. After that, desert and sagebrush, with cattle browsing around small man-made lakes out in the honest-to-god nowhere. I like to crank up my favorite “I’m going to the hot springs song”: Rain in the Summertime by The Alarm, an old 80’s tune that was meant to travel by. The road has severe dips that when driven at 60-plus MPH launches the car into space briefly, leaving one weightless and giddy. Finally, after all of the twists and turns, you pull into the bowl-like valley that drops into Benton Hot Springs, which is a sleepy little resort on the edge of a reservation. It’s a great place to camp, with individual tubs you can fill with hot spring water. There’s also a B and B there that I intend to stay at on a trip. I can barely restrain myself from grabbing my gear and taking off! Next week, my precious! Soon I will take real vacation time. Then I will be off!

[youtube id=8D6pPgwafq0]

Body by low carb?

One could only hope.

lowcarb pyramid low carb body builder 2



I could only aspire to such ripply niceness, being a girl and shaped like a pear that is a wee-bit shall we say “over-ripe”?

Tho I wish I looked like this lovely fat girl:

roses mena



Note about this picture: is is a pic of Mena Suvari from “American Beauty” that has been altered to make her “fat” to shame readers into buying their yogurt product. Dumbasses.

I am thinking about installing a nifty module I found for Joomla that is a weight tracker.  I may start using it secretly, then when I feel like I need to go public, I will set it for “public”.  I make no bones about my being FAT.  But, I am in a slow recovery process from SAD, so take it for what it is worth.  I have lost over 100 pounds, but still have a loooong ways to go. I find that this blog, along with support mailing lists help keep me on the straight and narrow.  Maybe my going public with a weight tracker would help even more.  Or I might just run and hide.  Who knows!

Low-carb pizza crust that tastes GOOD!

It does when it is made with cauliflower and cheese!  I ran across this recipe on Cleochatra’s delightful blog, “The Lighter Side of Low-Carb” and it is GREAT!  I will be making a crust today for nibbling this week along with fabulous “Oopsie” rolls that are also her great invention 😉  Pics to come after I get the stuff made!

Here is my attempt:

Baked crust

With toppings

cut up and delish