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First Cuppa is the Best, Neh?

I tell ya I loooove coffee.  I am not a complete insufferable coffee snob, like some bloggers out there who feel the compulsion to buy $2000 machines and order green beans on the net and roast them in their oven (or $1000 roasting machine) until first or second crack, but I do like fairly fresh coffee in the bean, usually from Mother Lode Coffee, and grinding it each morning for each cup and running the whole shebang through a french press.  My pref is for light to medium roast coffee, to avoid the “second crack” bitter and burn flavor most prominently featured by large chain coffee vendors.  I loooove Kona coffee, the all time greatest  IMHO, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to find, even in the cheapo “less than 10%” field.Oh well, fresh coffee is still good coffee. Bliss.  I allow myself two of these heavenly beverages in the morning, while i troll the net like a fiend first thing in the AM.

Last night the Old Man and I ate out instead of my cooking pork chops. We were supposed to be celebrating the fact that my funders have finally come through with a contract, but other multiple irritating things happened over the course of the day to both of us and it spoiled the air of quiet triumph I was trying to achieve.  We ate at the Peppery Gar and Brill (yes, that is what they call it, snort.)  It is a fairly good trendy local place.  The meals tend to be about the same quality each time, which is a good but not great quality. I had the Tri-tip Red Chile Wrap and fries (ya, I know, the oils! The carbs!) and the Old Man had the baby back ribs.  We also had an order of onion strings as an appetizer (again with the oils! The carbs!)  Notes on food: Cook your strings longer!  No one likes doughy faux onion rings, darn it!  And what was with the nibs that passed for fries? Not a one longer than an inch, and some of them were darned flakes.  It is not cool to serve up the bottom of the bag like that.  I tried the Old Man’s ribs, and found them passable, but the chipotle sauce reminded me of jazzed up Ketchup.  Notes about the restaurant: abysmally slow.  Very unusual in this Trendoid the Berberian place. The boozed up football crowd was there at the bar, but not a whole lot of them.  Only 4 tables full, and the service was sloooow.  And hey, owner, tell your waitresses to tone down the hostile when given the “I am irritated that I have been waiting for my drink order to be taken for the last 10 minutes look.” When the waitress sauntered by after a 10 minute absence, I gave her the patented withering look.  She got pissed and pissy with me.  Bye bye tip, lady! (the Old Man left her something.  He is not mean like I am.)

At least the beer that I FINALLY got 15 minutes by my watch after we were seated in an incredibly slow restaurant was good.  A “Black and Tan” from draft Guinness and Bass Ale.  Yum!

I have to go walk one of the devil dogs now.

Beer Review

I have had a rare really good day today; went shooting at Thompson’s Meadow this AM with the Old Man and tried out my new Remington 870 Express Security shot gun (20 GA for the lightweight girly that I be.)  Old Man tried out his new Remington 870 Marine Magnum 12 GA and blew some stuff UP!  (Can I hear a BOOM?) We ate good egg salad sammitches on sourdough with Bubbie’s pickles and sauerkraut at creekside while cows moo’ed at us wistfully, wishing that we were the hay truck.  Good times, indeed.

We had awesome burgers for dinner, BTW, with onion buns, 1/3 lb fresh ground hamburger, mushrooms, onions, melted bleu cheese and Dijon mustard/mayo with, you guessed it: BEER!


Blue Moon Beer, to be exact.  (Pardon my typing, if it runs off the edge of the screen. Two beers give me a righteous buzzzzz.) Very smooth, very full.  Tastes reminiscently of apricots and peaches.  It is great with an orange slice.  I first had this beer on a drunken spree in Tahoe with my former friend GF back in Feb.  I really liked it then, but was so buzzed from free alcohol from sitting at the slots at Harrah’s that I could not trust my tongue’s initial impressions.  We got so drunk that day we got lost in the tunnel between Harvey’s and Harrah’s and circled around endlessly, saying “Hey!  Didn’t we JUST see that!” until we realized we were lost.  Good times again.  This beer is very mellow, and goes well with beer and pickles.  The Old Man tried it, and did not make the famous Admiral Ackbar face, so it MUST be good.

Here is the site for it:

http://www.bluemoonbrewingcompany.com Believe me, it’s worth a try!  **hick**.

Now I have to go back to obsessively watching my favorite TEOTWAWKI websites/forums to watch WW III unfold with the Russian/Georgian conflict vs. the US blockade of Iran as the centerpiece.  Good luck and good night!

What’s for dinner this week?

In no particular order:

Lots of pickled veg, fresh from the garden: onion, cukes, peppers, carrots and cabbage (bought those two); sliced marinated tomatoes from the garden, salads with different lettuces and pickled veg (as in lacto fermented).

rib eye steaks with heavy cream and pepper sauce, grilled, with fresh squash and cornmeal fritters (that’s up tonight, I just decided;

a pot of beans that have been sprouted and have a lovely ham hock in ’em, along with hot southern cornbread and cultured butter;

baked chicken drizzled in butter and rosemary from the garden, with the cavity stuffed with onion and sprinkled in sea salt and nice new potatoes and veg again!

pork  chops smothered in a heavy cream/coconut milk based sauce, with mushrooms and onions; mashed potatoes with garlic and cream, more garden veg or salad and “no knead” bread that has soured longer than 24 hours (makes AWESOMe lunch bread with spreads);

“sneaky bastard” meatloaf with hidden organ meats (heart and a touch o’liver) and garlicky mashed potatoes with cream and butter, more veg from the garden;

Sausages galore, grilled with sourdough bread (along with liverwurst and braunschweiger and sauerkraut, yum!);

deep fried squash from the garden with herbs and cornmeal in the batter;

ham and cheese omelets with potato latkes and toast from no-knead bread;

watermelon and cantaloupe by the bowl;

blackberry cobbler, with blackberries straight from the back yard;

a pot roast and veg cooked in the crock pot from the “Full Moon Feast” cookbook recipe, which is one of the best I have ever had;

and finally, copious amounts of beer, which I will review as I go along.

It is going to be a delish week!

Fajitas tonight, W00t!

Can you tell I am a fat girl?

How I make my fajitas?  Crock pot style, that’s how!  I use a sliced up chuck steak, a good quality beer, a couple of tablespoons of New Mexico chili powder and cumin, salt, pepper, a chopped onion, two chopped bell peppers (different colors make a nice contrast) and a clove or two of garlic.  I cook it all together slooowly, over the day, and come home to heaven!

I serve it with low carb tortillas for me, and these really nice “hand made” masa tortillas I buy in bulk from Trader Joes for everyone else, along with cut up avocado, tomatoes, shredded lettuce, grated raw jack cheese, and crème fraiche. I also leave out a cut lime to squeeze over the finished product.  A nice Mexican beer like Negro Modelo goes VERY well with this.

This makes killer leftovers 😉