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The joys of lactofermentation

I had a pretty productive weekend, and took advantage of the extra day and my returning energy to get a bunch of stuff done.
So, this weekend, my childe and I:

watched three movies
made low carb “tortilla”chips from Cleochatra’s recipe at the  Lighter Side of Low Carb

made 1 gallon of pickles using the recipe from “Wild Fermentation”
also did a quart jar of sliced pickles

canned 10 quarts of tomatoes
canned 5 pints of plum jam

sewed 5 jumper-style dresses for work (for me)
added an online store to this site and Amazon book widget (I broke the store tonight; have to get my friend to fix it, lol)
Listed a bunch of books for sale on Amazon
Took pics of my old clothes that are still in good shape and got them ready to list on EBay
blanched, vacuum sealed and froze  5 bags of pattypan squash

made stock from the Big Bone
added more food to the food storage tracker
barbecued (actually… grilled, and the Old Man did that, we just made the sides…well, he made the potato salad)
I am getting closer to the energy level I used to have.  I am thinking about ordering more cod liver oil, maybe another food based supplement.  Definitely more liver

I checked on the pickles tonight and they are fermenting madly!  I can smell the garlic and dill and can’t wait to try them!
I have really enjoyed Wild Fermentation and plan on trying more recipes from it; I will post pics and results as I go along.

Busy canning

What a busy weekend!  I have been canning stuff I picked up in the valley.  Y’see, I decided I couldn’t wait for stuff to ripen around here (we got a late start to planting due to TWO plant disasters) so I decided to go down below to pick up large quantities of cannables.  I also decided to go to the movies while down there so I would have more than one reason to waste all of the gas money.  I went to the Galaxy Theater in Riverbank, one of those new fancy-schmancy stadium-style theaters with rocking seats, digital projection and plushness abounding.  So, I saw the new X-Files movie “X-Files: I want to Believe”.  Oh how I wanted to believe!  I was very sad after watching that movie, as Mulder and Scully had a pretty rotten life after the show, fictionally speaking. A sad life, none-the-less.  I won’t spoil it for y’all right now; maybe later I will do a post that has spoilers below the fold, cuz I have QUESTIONS!  A LOT of questions as to WHY this?  Why that?  How Come? The Old Man pointed out that the little clip in the credits equals a sort-of happy ending and a goodbye, and I want to believe him as well!

Mulder and Scully

But, back to the canning.  I will try to get pics of some of the stuff I canned.  I got a lug of peaches and canned them into quart jars; it has been so long since I canned instead of freezing and drying I made a couple of rookie mistakes, feeling my way through the process. I also canned some salsa from Roma tomatoes, but am not totally pleased with the results and so I will finish the case of Romas as tomato sauce, a la Rotel tomatoes.  I also need to get my basement cleaned out so I can start storing these gems down there in the 63 degree year-round coolness so I will get the most storage time possible.  I have a bunch of stuff to shift down there; I am thinking about taking more vacation time to get some work done.

Well, off to work I go!