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The Blahs

I am feeling tired and out of sorts today; did not get enough sleep last night. I should exercise but I am not going to do it.

I made baked oatmeal today, starting with soaking Scottish-cut oatmeal overnight in whey from yogurt. It turned out well. The recipe came from Kelly the Kitchen Kop. I will be eating this for breakfast off and on the next several days, alternating it with eggs I added dried cranberries to it this morning for extra zing.
baked oatmeal

We are making carnitas today from the Homesick Texan recipe. I have made this several times and it is phenomenally good! The pork simmers slowly in it’s own lard, and the rich fat gives it a toothsomeness that can’t be beat. The OJ works well for caramelizing as well, and adds additional depth to the flavor


pork roast
Food list:

B: baked oatmeal

L: pizza again (leftovers)

D: carnitas, beans, mexican rice, copped veg, home made tortillas

Migas for breakfast

Sigh.  Homesick Texan , I love you but my ass is growing from eating too much of your gorgeous recipes.  Sigh again.

The ONLY way I have ever successfully lost weight is with low-carbing. However, I LOATHE the process of low-carbing, as it helps me wack out in my OCD way on every damned thing I put in my mouth, to where I find myself defiantly stuffing tortillas in my mouth while hiding in the back bathroom tub ( a lovely old six-foot long claw foot, I might add).  I have even tried to make peace with calories following “Eat Fat Lose Fat” by Sally and Mary in WAPF style.  But the second anything carby enters my mouth and the Hunger!  I get squirrelly and eat!  Low carbing shuts that off, but makes me crazy in other, not nice ways.  So, fat I am and fat I remain. At least until the next time that Cleochatra inspires me and I get back on the LC wagon. *Snort*

This leads to: Migas for Breakfast!  Here is what Homesick Texan says about it, and a great recipe to boot.  The difference with mine: I fry nice Trader Joe’s fat corn tortillas in butter, and then add the eggs and cheese.  I also drop a bit of sour cream on the top after ensalsaing.  (is that a word?)

I am going to make some RIGHT NOW!