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Busy canning

What a busy weekend!  I have been canning stuff I picked up in the valley.  Y’see, I decided I couldn’t wait for stuff to ripen around here (we got a late start to planting due to TWO plant disasters) so I decided to go down below to pick up large quantities of cannables.  I also decided to go to the movies while down there so I would have more than one reason to waste all of the gas money.  I went to the Galaxy Theater in Riverbank, one of those new fancy-schmancy stadium-style theaters with rocking seats, digital projection and plushness abounding.  So, I saw the new X-Files movie “X-Files: I want to Believe”.  Oh how I wanted to believe!  I was very sad after watching that movie, as Mulder and Scully had a pretty rotten life after the show, fictionally speaking. A sad life, none-the-less.  I won’t spoil it for y’all right now; maybe later I will do a post that has spoilers below the fold, cuz I have QUESTIONS!  A LOT of questions as to WHY this?  Why that?  How Come? The Old Man pointed out that the little clip in the credits equals a sort-of happy ending and a goodbye, and I want to believe him as well!

Mulder and Scully

But, back to the canning.  I will try to get pics of some of the stuff I canned.  I got a lug of peaches and canned them into quart jars; it has been so long since I canned instead of freezing and drying I made a couple of rookie mistakes, feeling my way through the process. I also canned some salsa from Roma tomatoes, but am not totally pleased with the results and so I will finish the case of Romas as tomato sauce, a la Rotel tomatoes.  I also need to get my basement cleaned out so I can start storing these gems down there in the 63 degree year-round coolness so I will get the most storage time possible.  I have a bunch of stuff to shift down there; I am thinking about taking more vacation time to get some work done.

Well, off to work I go!