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Weekend Round Up

I am planning a project to renovate my kitchen and spend virtually NO money, just paint, cleaning supplies and some kitchen reorganizing. Our house is 159 years old but the kitchen had a crummy update in the 80’s, rendering it useless to food storage and traditional cooking. All the goodies like veg and flour bins and nifty small cabinets were removed and standard cupboards that don’t fit anything were installed. Sigh. So, I am hunting for plans for farmhouse designs that will allow my ongoing biological experiment in fermentation to have space, along with my gajillions of jars of spices and herbs for cooking real food, and root veg, fruits and and assorted sundries while still being able to hold both my electric and non-electric equipment. The kitchen is really dirty with a deep down funk in the corners but once we get done scrubbing the whole thing, painting, then reorganizing it will once again serve as the heart of the household, (well, the house-heart: the people in the house really are the heart, lol.)


Food list: baaad. Shameful. **ducks head and blushes** WE ate out the whole weekend and my gut distress continues. We ate store bought pizza today as well and it made the whole thing worse. I KNOW better than this! If I keep journalling this eventually my behavior will reform. I’ve noticed in the past that when I track my food I tend to eat better. I am just waiting for that magic to happen and suddenly start channelling Kelly the Kitchen Kop and Cheeseslave, whizzing effortlessly though my clean and organized kitchen, eating traditional foods left and right, and brimming with the good health I used to take for granted

Exercise: cleaning is exercise, right?

Thoughts: thinking Really Deep Thoughts about what works in a farmhouse kitchen.  I need an outdoor washing station! Another weird thought: in honor of Belle, if I ever had another child (unlikely as I am 42) I would name her Lyddabelle or Lucibelle. Cruel, eh? Mwhahahha. Perhaps I will work on the Girl to get her to name one of her first born that