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Acts 20:7 and the Sabbath

NATSAB: The First Day of the Week and Acts 20:7

I read this article by Pete Rambo with a great deal of interest. He’s a thoughtful and passionate guy on his blog, and I’ve found he is well worth reading. It helps for me that he comes from a Reformed background, so I get what he’s saying and the journey that he has undertaken, as mine is somewhat similar.

A while back I had a big, drawn out discussion with the pastor from our old church *Reformed Baptist* regarding the Sabbath. I wanted to know what he thought about why the Sabbath had been moved Sunday instead of remaining on Saturday. Pastor Don believed strongly in keeping the Sabbath, as it was a part of the Big 10, like many of the Reformed churches, but felt just as strongly that it was on Sunday and used Acts 20:7 as a large part of his defense. I wish I had looked up the words in Strong’s at the time, as I think it would have bolstered what I had to say about the subject. My take is that the Sabbath was never moved BY GOD from Saturday, and as a person that believes that God is unchanging, and his word is the final authority I note that there is no Biblical support for the moving of the Sabbath. We as a family are always testing everything, and trying to root out man made traditions from what Scripture states.
Full disclosure: I am a Sabbath keeper, but far from perfectly. We are mindful that it is meant to be a day of rest, but we are not Jewish and don’t follow Talmudic law in the observance in any way.

Neither of us convinced the other, but it was a spirited and enjoyable evening. Pastor Don died unexpectedly last spring, and after a failed long search for a replacement the church closed a few weeks ago. Pastor Don will be sorely missed.
There’s a video this same blogger posted a day or so ago, that I think fits nicely with this that I am gonna stick here. I have had this same experience a WHOLE bunch of times, and it made me laugh.

O The Humanities!

gchocolate cake

One of the enduring Sabbath traditions around our house (and one of the ongoing reasons for my*ahem* large behind) is some sort of ooey-gooey treat to last the weekend.  I have tried every treat imaginable, from low-carb to store bought to fancy-made.  We always tend to come back to simple pies and cakes.  For this weekend: a German Chocolate cake, square.  Square because my rotten childe borrowed my round pans and has not returned them.  No cake for you!
So, full disclosure: I cheated on the cake and bought a box.  I did substitute the veg oil with coconut oil, to make it a bit better
The frosting I made on the stove.  MMMmmmmm, delicious coconut pecan frosting!
Here is what ya do:
1 cup of coconut milk
1 cup sugar (urgh, yes, I used white sugar,  Beat me, I am eating cake!
3 beaten egg yolks
1/2 cup butter
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 1/3 cup coconut (I used some really nice dessicated unsweetened coconut)
1 cup chopped crispy pecans and walnuts

Pour the ingredients though the vanilla into a sauce pan, fire up the stove and start heating and mixing.  When well mixed, dump in the coconut and nuts.  Cook for about 10 minutes, or until enough of the liquid has boiled off to make the frosting really really thick.  Take off the heat and cool.  Frost yer cake.  Put in fancy cake plate, balance on the couch for the light and snap a pic. Post it on the Internet (lol Kristi) to make people drool.  Or whatever floats yer boat.