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More evidence on the benefits of a traditional diet

The Town That Lost 1200 Pounds

This is a great article about the positive benefits of a traditional diet/low carbing being beneficial for folks.  These were Canadian Native Americans eating trad foods (ooligan grease, salmon, etc) and becoming healthier as a result. Many reported significant weight loss and reduction of measures to intervene with diabetes (meds, etc.)  I know I feel best when low-carbing it.  I plan on working on a series of posts for traditional foods for Scotch-Irish and German folks soon.

Excerpt: The Town that lost 1200 pounds

His town was shrinking, and Greg Wadhams was determined to shrink with it. So on a cold December night in 2006, the 55-year-old commercial fisherman sat down to say goodbye to the past.

He devoured a spread of chicken chow mein, fried rice and deep-fried prawns to triumphant delight.

Then, with the final bite, he bade farewell to his favourite foods.

Wadhams was returning to a traditional aboriginal diet for the next year, joining a village-wide experiment in tiny Alert Bay aimed at fighting the obesity and diabetes that plagues First Nations people.

The rules were simple: Eat all the fat you want, and all the seafood and meat and starch-free vegetables. Dairy fats like cream and cheese were fine, but not milk. Everything else with carbs — bread, pasta, chips — were off-limits. No ancestor of Wadhams’ ever feasted on pasta and rice. Or ice cream bars.