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Health Renewal

Oh yeah! In the quest to regain my former stellar health
(been very sick off and on since I got out of the hospital in September
due to a problem with an old birth defect kicking my butt and being
poisoned by the hospital staff). I am back to work now, yay!
I have been working the nutritional angle overtime. Nourishing
bone broths every day, whomped up via the crock pot. Lots of
cod liver oil and high vitamin butter oil. Good high quality meat
has been very restorative as well. I have dropped 15 pounds
since getting sick this go around, losing tons of puffy water weight.
The only nice thing was looking younger in spite of the moon face 😉
I also have been working on an exercise DVD called TTapp.
Theresa Tapp is trying to kill me! Or at least mangle me a bit.
The exercises are brutal, in terms of tiring a body out, but not hard;
more complicated. I will find a sample to post. What is nice is there
are no dance moves, no jumping, no weights, and no horrid music.
My energy levels are beginning to come back, and I am as sore as hell
having not moved for months.
I hope to regain my former strength and “intestinal fortitude”
after the surgery I had on Monday afternoon (which will hopefully
cure the defect) to help with an optimum outcome (AKA living and
left in relatively good shape…). I can’t imagine what it will be like,
no longer having the kidney spectre hanging over my head, weakening my body.
We’ll see.